Why I Left Jabhat An-Nusrah. Part 2: Their Fear Of Being Labelled Extremists, And Their Eradication Of A Dawlah Shariah Court

By Abu Sa’eed Al-Britani (From the video “Message Of A Mujahid”)

As I have explained in my articles on “niyyah”, our primary purpose for fighting jihad is to raise the Word of Allaah the highest. The Word of Allaah being the Shariah. So if this is our intention, then we wohld have no issues with the law courts (Ar. Mahkamah) that anyone establishes as long as they are in accordance to the Islamic teachings (i.e, that which judges purely on the Quran and Sunnah). This hold true when there are many groups fighting for its return.

During my time in Jabhat, I was stationed in Atmah, a small town where my battalion (Ar. Kateebah) was based and where my training camp also was. Prior to joining the training camp, I used to always walk past a huge building painted black and white, with the testimony of faith (لا اله الا الله) written in huge text on its gates and the verse about judging based on the laws of Allaah written around the building.

A building that stood out with awe, that gave you a sense of honor whenever your eyes gazed upon it.

Enquiring into this building, I was told that it was the law court of Dawlah before they were driven out of Idlib by FSA. And even though Dawlah had left, the remnants of tawheed still stood high in this town. Nobody saw it, but he would be stood in awe. Just its presence caused a sense of fear in one’s heart, increasing one’s Iman and showing you, that this is what we came here to establish.

As Sayyid Qutb mentioned in his book, “Fi Dhilaal Al-Quraan” while expounding upon Soorah Anfaal, that we fight jihad in order to remove the tyrant and replace it with the Shariah. This being the essence of Jihaad. The equation is not complete if we only remove the tyrant, the system must be replaced with the Shariah.

So always seeing this building reminded me of my intentions and reasons for Jihaad; to establish the Law of Allaah on earth and to judge mankind with it, and nothing else.

After my training camp was completed (end of February / beginning of March), I walked down the path going back to the safe-house (Ar. Maqar) where my battalion was based. As I walked near the law court that Dawlah had left behind, I realised it had been erased. The testimony of faith (لا اله الا الله) had been painted over, the verses of the Quraan had been erased, and the building no longer had its purpose.

The symbol of Tawheed and the fruit of Jihaad had been eradicated from the town. This was very shocking to see. So being as I was, someone who always asked questions, I enquired about this, and I was told it was removed because it was no longer in use!

Jabhat had another Law court somewhere (which I never managed to find!) and they gave the option to the people of Syria to either be judged by the Shariah or to be left alone, judged based on the previous laws of the country.

Likewise, the Huhood of Allaah were not being carried out. Why? “Because the people have lived in jaahilihyah for over 50 years, and they are ignorant of the Shariah so we cannot impose it on them.”?!

So what is the solution, O Amirs of Jabhat? “We must teach the people the Deen first.” So when are we going to do this, O Amirs of Jabhat? And no answer.

No da’wah was given to the public and the remnants of the Shariah were erased. So me and a few brothers spoke to our Amir who was not so keen on the idea of giving Dawah (which was the solution of the problem according to Jabhat anyway). So then we decided to speak to Abu Sulayman Misri (the Amir of the town, who was hardly seen in the town!).

Again, a cold shoulder reply. They said that Dawah was needed to be given to the people before we could judge them according to the Shariah, yet they were not so keen to give Dawah. Strange indeed. Innovated principles with illogical stances.

So the fruits of Jabhat’s jihad and struggle was nothing more than removing the tyrant and leaving the local population to live like sheep, not judging them by the Shariah nor giving them the necessary knowledge or religious upbringing.

The Shariah and the law courts was something that the locals saw as extreme, a far-fetched interpretation of the Quraan, not fit for the ‘modern’ world. As long as we believe in the existence of Allaah we are Muslims, and Salaah was something that just made a Muslim even more religious. This was the state of affairs that the Amirs of Jabhat were happy with.

Leave them be, as we need to win the hearts of the people. We are not like those ‘extremists’ in Dawlah who enforce the Shariah upon you and we will allow you to live like scattered sheep.

This is not the fruit of jihad, nor a group who understands the true purpose of Jihad.

So the second reason I left was because of this. The eradication of a Dawlah Law court for no reason other than the fear of being labelled extremists, and allowing the population to live as they pleased, without giving them the necessary Islamic upbringing through da’wah.

In part three I will expound upon the third reason I left Jabhat, and it is linked very much to this point. That being, their total lack of concern for the Shariah and not prohibiting the evil they saw.


Abu Sa’eed Al-Britani (Kik: shaykh.anwar)

Al-Bab, Sham.

29/05/1436 (Correspondong to 20/03/2015)

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