Hijrah Advice (Intentions) Part 4: Fighting For The Sake of The People

By Abu Sa’eed Al-Britani (From the video “Message Of A Mujahid”)

As I mentioned previously, the reason we fight is to remove man-made laws and to replace it with the Shariah. The concept of just removing the man-made law is not sufficient for a Mujaahid.

Likewise, our primary niyyah is not fighting for the people, yes we fight to defend our Muslim brothers and sisters, however, we do not have other people as our main goal.

As with every nation, you get the good and the bad. There is no country wherein the whole population are good, practising, pious Muslims. As Muslims, our ultimate goal in this dunyaa is world domination. So we will come across people of cities and town who may not necessarily wish to live under the Shariah, or what they consider to be, barbaric and extreme laws.

From the negative effects on coming Sham with the sole intentiom of fighting for the sake of the  people (to uplift the oppression from them) is that you will loose out on much reward (as actions are based on intentions, and there are many noble intentions which are higher in purpose than this), and furhermore, you will be disappointed with what you see here in Sham.

Yes, Sham is a blessed land, however, this is not the same with its residents. I have worked with the Hisbah (police force) and I have seen much from these civilians (Ar. madanis) which may shock (and displease) the reader.

The shop keepers love you for your wealth, the youth curse Allaah when a calamity befalls them, they see nothing wrong with swearing by Allaah and lying (the amount of times I have witnessed this is too much to count), among other traits. The average civilian only hates Bashar due to his love for this life, not due to ‘aqeedah differences.

As Muslims, we hate Bashar because, primarily, he is a Shia, and secondly due to his crimes he commits against Muslims.

If you come with the sole intention of saving the people, then when you see them disliking certain aspects of Shariah punishments, or voicing their “opinion” as to why you should not enforce it upon them, you will start to leave off implementig the Shariah.

So a defective intention has now lead to another error; not implementing the Shariah, not implementing the Law of Allaah. Something which goes part and parcel with the concept of jihad.

If you have some knowledge of jihad, you will know that jihad is not just about removing the ruler who rules by other than the Law of Allaah, but its twin half is to replace it with the Shariah. As Shaheed Sayyid Qutb (rh) said, we do not remove Cesar to replace him with another Cesar. So our efforts are in vain if we do not replace the system with the Shariah.

Also, another vital point to add here is that, if ones sole intention is to remove the tyrant, then one will not see any difference between any of the groups fighting here in Sham. There will be no difference between FSA, Ahrar Al-Sham, JN and Dawlah.

But if ones intention is clear, to fight in order to implement the Shariah, then one will stand with those who are fighting for the Shariah, not just in words, but who are practical with their words.

One will stand by them through thick and thin. And the reality of, what people call, the “fitnah” in Sham, will become as clear as day. One will realise that this so-called “fitnah”, is actually a fight between haqq and baatil, its a fight between two opposing beliefs, its a fight where our dead are in Paradise and there dead are in Hell.

So rectify your niyyah, and the people of truth will become apparent to you.

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Abu Sa’eed Al-Britani (Kik: shaykh.anwar)

Al-Bab, Sham.

15/05/1436 (06/03/2015)

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