Are Dawlah Taking Houses Off The People To Give To Their Fighters?

By Abu Sa’eed Al-Britani (From the video, “Message Of A Mujahid”)


Due to the influence of the media, this is a doubt which lingers in the minds of many people. Many people claim that Dawlah take houses from other Sunni’s and not from Shi’ahs. So is this the case? In a simple answer, no. Dawlah does not take houses of anyone illegally, nor do we kick people out of their homes to shelter our men.

Nay, we do not even take empty, abandoned houses left behind by civilians who died or fled to Turkey. The only houses we take are those which we rent, those which belong to the enemy once we kill them, or those which we build (yes Dawlah has many houses we are building from fresh, both flats and houses, but mainly flats).

I am currently residing in a rented house along with other injured brothers. Sometimes we stay in abandoned schools or office buildings or even old government buildings left behind by Bashar’s men, as these get counted as ghaneemah for the Mujaahideen.

The only time we take civilian houses are when we are in ribat and fighting a battle (and this is due to dire need) and the enemy on the other side does the same.

For example, to make it clearer for the reader, imagine five villages all one behind the other. We are in village one and the enemy is in village two. All the civilians evacuate both these villages and its purely us vs. them, shooting anything we see move, and vice versa. After we kill them and drive them back, they go to village three and we are now in village two. The civilians of village one return back home and the civilians of village three evacuate their homes.

After we kill them and push them back again, the enemy goes to village four (and all its civilians evacuate) and we enter village three (where we just pushed them out of) and the civilians of village two return to their homes. And so on and so forth, the cycle repeating itself as we expand.

Furthermore, the houses we take during ribat are always kept clean and we treat it as an amanah (trust). We eat, sleep, and shower in these houses and they are taken care of. And I do not say this out of ‘blind love’ for Dawlah, nay I say this as these are the facts.

Yes, occasionally a glass may break or a stain may appear on the carpet, but this is not the norm nor intentional. We wash all dishes, keep the place clean and make sure nothing is damaged.

Many times after pushing back the enemy we do a village search, e.g. a house to house clearing to be sure no enemy is hiding somewhere. And in so many houses we find alcohol, cigarettes, and even drugs, and I’m talking about FSA here! Everyone here hates them, including the civilians. But more on FSA will be said in another article.

Once the civilians come back to their houses in the village behind us (from where we did ribat before we pushed forward), they can go to the Mahkamah (Shariah Courts) and claim compensation for any damages done to their property. Even if we did not do it and FSA done it, we still pay them as a token of good gesture.

I remember on one occasion we attacked a village named “Mas’oodi” and the first house on the village got heavily sprayed with bullets due to the enemy occupying that house. The entire wall had bullet holes in it, and so much heavily artillery was also shot at the house. After we cleared the town and the civilians came back to occupy the area again, we paid the owner of the house more than enough money to fix his wall from the outside (including money for plaster and labor work), however the man used the money to fix his car. We owed him the money so we paid him but he chose to fix his car instead as he didn’t mind about the exterior of his house.

On another occasion, an elderly man went to the Mahkamah (Shariah Courts) and said we occupied his house during ribat, the judge asked him whether any items were missing from his house, to which he said no. The judge asked him if anything was broken, for which he wanted compensation, the man again said no. The judge then asked if he had any complaints, to which the elderly man said no. So the judge asked him why he came to the Mahkamah, and he replied by saying that he wanted to thank those brothers who were in his house during ribat as they kept his house nice and clean.

So this is the reality of affairs, and no one knows the haqq except those who live the events. We do not steal houses, nay we don’t even take empty buildings as shelters! So woe upon those who spread lies against the State and its soldiers.

May Allaah guide us all to the haqq, and expose the falsehood and slander of the enemies, ameen.


Abu Sa’eed Al-Britani (Kik: shaykh.anwar)

Al-Bab, Sham.

15/06/1436 (Corresponding to 04/04/2015)

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