A Word Of Advice To The Sisters In Sham: Keep The Mujaahideen In Your Du’aas

By Abu Sa’eed Al-Britani (From the video, ‘Message Of A Mujahid”)


Realize, my sisters that there is no man in the State who can dare to say a word of disrespect to you. Your rights are given to you and your honor as a Muslimah is protected. You can walk with safety and respect in town, without anyone commenting on your dress code. Praise Allaah that you came to Sham, the Land of the Khilafah.

But how and where has all this blessing come from? How does the State protect you as a Muslimah? My sisters, you are in a State which now has countless rings of ribat points all around you for your safety and security; brothers who stand guard day and night, protecting the State from any enemy who wishes to enter.

The State was established upon the blood of the Shuhadaa’, brave warriors who fought the enemy and gained much land and ghaneemah in the process. You are living in safety due to their sacrifices, so praise be to Allaah who raises such men who love to die for the establishment of an Islamic society where all its citizens can live in peace and security.

As you sit at home, or visit the souk, your brothers are on the front lines, staying awake during the cold nights, not getting sufficient sleep, standing guard with a watchful eye. These are men who are gave up on the pleasures of the dunya. These are men who beg Allaah for martyrdom. These are men who prefer the hereafter over the passing pleasures of this dunya.

You are living in safety, while they live in fear. You’re eating nice food, while the brothers eat whatever they get. You sleep comfortably while they have their disturbed sleep patterns every night.

I do not wish to make you feel bad, but I say this so that you can appreciate what is being done for you and hence you do du’aa for them. No victory can be achieved without the permission of Allaah, and although the brothers strive and struggle with their blood and sweat, there is another aspect of this jihad which many times gets neglected, and that is du’aa. You can help those on the front lines with your du’aa.

If you really love this Deen, you would love those who are fighting for its preservation. And your love of them should lead you to do du’aa for them.

Do not underestimate the power of du’aa. For it’s a slicing sword against our enemies. This is an aspect where your brothers on the front lines need you. No doubt that we men are stronger than women in our physical strength, however many women surpass us in their Iman and piety. Realize that you also play a vital role in each battle we go through, and it could be your du’aa that changes the outcome of the battle. The enemies on the front lines are the enemies of Islam, they are our enemies, and we are all in this fight together. So do your part in the battle and raise your hands to Allaah.

My sisters, the least that you can do is a simple du’aa for the Mujaahideen. Do du’aa for them at the depths of the night as they stand guard for you at the depths of the night. Do du’aa for their success, that they remain steadfast in the face of the enemy, that they keep their intentions clean, that He accepts from them their good deeds, and that He grants them success over our enemies.


Abu Sa’eed Al-Britani (Kik: shaykh.anwar)

Al-Bab, Sham.

03/07/1436 (Corresponding to 22/04/15)

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