A Word Of Advice To The Newcomers In Sham: Be Humble With What You Are Given

By Abu Sa’eed Al-Britani (From the video, ‘Message Of A Mujahid”)

My beloved brother in Islam, know that yesterday you had nothing of honor in your hands and were subjugated under the laws of the Kuffar. You carried no bullets, no gun, no grenade, nothing of this sort. Yet here you are today with honor given to you, so do not boast about what you have been given. For you have been given it due to the sacrifices of your brothers before you; both the shuhadaa’ and those who are still alive. The soldiers who fought the battles while you were sitting at home.

Likewise, do not complain when you are given a gun which you do not like, what did you have yesterday in Dar Al-Kufr? What were you walking around with last month? In Dar Al-Kufr, did you have a brand new Russian AK47? Did you have a Glock? You didn’t even have a rusty old gun, yet here you are complaining like a menstruating woman about the very fine details of your gun!

Learn to be appreciative of what you are given. In the early days in Sham, not everyone had a gun. Not everyone had so many magazines. No one cared whether his gun was Russian or Polish, no one cared whether his bullets were made in Russia or Syria. No one disowned a gun due to the rust or it being damaged. As long as it could shoot, it was gold.

You own nothing in this dunya, everything is given to you on a silver plate. Remember where you were yesterday without any weapon and how low you felt with nothing in your hands.

If you truly know the reward of killing a Kaafir, then you would pick up any gun and run towards the Kaafir with a smile of joy on your face due to the blessing you have been given.

So be appreciative of anything you get. Even if you got a broken, not-so-reliable gun in Dar Al-Kufr you would be pleased, yet why have you become so boastful and full of pride that you cannot accept the gun you are given here in Sham? Dawlah gives guns to all its fighters for free so where is the logic in complaining about what you didn’t even earn but another brother earned for you through his blood!

Even if you have money and wish to purchase your own gun, do not be picky. When I came to Sham, I purchased a gun within the first week. I was not concerned which AK it was, whether it was Polish, German or anything else; and all praise is due to Allaah I got a very good Russian AK47 while not even searching for it. Yet it’s sad that some brothers complain about what is given to them for free!

With such an attitude, when will victory come? Be humble and grateful with what you are given and do not be ungrateful for Allaah’s blessings upon you, unless He take it away from you and return you back to the land of disbelief after you experience trials and tribulations here that are more than you can handle.

Abu Sa’eed Al-Britani (Kik: shaykh.anwar)

Al-Bab, Sham.

03/07/1436 (Corresponding to 22/04/15)

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