To Those Who Discourage Others From This Path

Shaykh ‘Abdullaah ‘Azzaam said:

“What is the mater with the Imams, that they do not sincerely advise those who seek counsel from them regarding going out with blood and soul in the path of Allaah?

For how long will the believing youths be held back and restrained from Jihad? These youths, whose hearts are burning with a fire, spurting forth enthusiasm, and blazing with zeal that their pure blood may irrigate the earth of the Muslims.

The one who forbids the young man from jihad is no different from the one who forbids him from prayer and fasting…

Whoever advises an able Muslim not to go out for jihad is like the one who advises him to eat in Ramadhan while he is healthy and in residence.”

[Join The Caravan, p.24 & 29]

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