Defending Muslim Lands When Required

Ibn Taymiyyah said:

“When the enemy has entered an Islamic land, there is no doubt that it is obligatory on those closest to the land to defend it, and then on those around them, for the entire Islamic land is like a single country. Also (it is compulsory) to go forth to meet the enemy without permission from parents or people to whom one is in debt. The texts of (Imam) Ahmad are quite explicit regarding this.”

[Fataawaa Al-Kubraa, 4/608]

Ibn Taymiyyah also said:

“When the enemy wants to attack the Muslims, defense becomes obligatory on all those upon whom the attack is intended, and on others besides them, just as Allaah says, “And if they seek your help in the matter of religion, then you must help them.” [8:72] “

[Majmoo’ Al-Fataawaa’, 28/358]

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