Advice To Those In Ribaat – Memorize The Quraan

Shaykh ‘Abdullaah ‘Azzaam said:

“It is upon you to tend to the Quraan – the pillar of the heart, the light of the chest, the remover of sadness. And this time period is the period of memorization of the Quraan. I started in 1969 (when fighting in Palestine). I benefited greatly from the memorization of the Quraan, and it was the period of golden purity of the heart and spirit. So it is easy for you to memorize here, very easy, yes. I had a large Mushaf and during the time in which I would stand guard at night, I would repeat what I had memorized during the day. So, if I mispronounced a word, I opened it, and I would read it using the light of the moon. As for now, I cannot even see using the light of the sun. So we ask Allaah to strengthen our eyesight…

So try to memorize five verses of the Quraan every day, and start with “Al-Anfaal”. Everyday, after the morning prayer, make for yourself a sitting with the Noble Quraan. Memorize five verses of “Al-Anfal”, and review the five verses from the previous day. You can memorize it in fifteen days; 75 verses, five verses each day. This should be very easy on you.”

[Fee At-Tarbiyyah Al-Jihaadiyyah Wal-Bina, 2/40-42]

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