Are Dawlah Taking Houses Off The People To Give To Their Fighters?

By Abu Sa’eed Al-Britani (From the video, “Message Of A Mujahid”)


Due to the influence of the media, this is a doubt which lingers in the minds of many people. Many people claim that Dawlah take houses from other Sunni’s and not from Shi’ahs. So is this the case? In a simple answer, no. Dawlah does not take houses of anyone illegally, nor do we kick people out of their homes to shelter our men.

Nay, we do not even take empty, abandoned houses left behind by civilians who died or fled to Turkey. The only houses we take are those which we rent, those which belong to the enemy once we kill them, or those which we build (yes Dawlah has many houses we are building from fresh, both flats and houses, but mainly flats).

I am currently residing in a rented house along with other injured brothers. Sometimes we stay in abandoned schools or office buildings or even old government buildings left behind by Bashar’s men, as these get counted as ghaneemah for the Mujaahideen.

The only time we take civilian houses are when we are in ribat and fighting a battle (and this is due to dire need) and the enemy on the other side does the same.

For example, to make it clearer for the reader, imagine five villages all one behind the other. We are in village one and the enemy is in village two. All the civilians evacuate both these villages and its purely us vs. them, shooting anything we see move, and vice versa. After we kill them and drive them back, they go to village three and we are now in village two. The civilians of village one return back home and the civilians of village three evacuate their homes.

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Does Dawlah Murder its Own Citizens?

By Abu Sa’eed Al-Britani (From the video, ‘Message Of A Mujahid”)

Some people falsely claim that Dawlah go around killing innocent civilians in Syria. I find this very strange and quite amusing at the same time. I have been with Dawlah for 11 months now and not a single time have I seen or heard of such a thing.When I was with JN, I used to hear of many such cases. However my curiosity of searching for the haqq, and knowing that we do not spread news without first verifying the facts, lead me to come to the Islamic State. And once inside, the haqq became as clear as day.

Once inside you see things first-hand, you interact with the civilians, you live among the people who the world criticises without any solid evidence, and without knowing anything about them.

So, does dawlah kill its own citizens? The simple answer is no.

But what about the media? What about the “reported” cases?

As I said, we do not kill innocent citizens, however, the only “civilians” we kill are those who deserve death due to crimes they commit. For example, if a person commits zina while being married, or if a civilian spies for the Kuffaar, or if he murders someone, or if someone curses the Messenger (saw); in such cases, we would carry out the hadd punishment against him.

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A Word Of Advice To The Newcomers In Sham: Be Humble With What You Are Given

By Abu Sa’eed Al-Britani (From the video, ‘Message Of A Mujahid”)

My beloved brother in Islam, know that yesterday you had nothing of honor in your hands and were subjugated under the laws of the Kuffar. You carried no bullets, no gun, no grenade, nothing of this sort. Yet here you are today with honor given to you, so do not boast about what you have been given. For you have been given it due to the sacrifices of your brothers before you; both the shuhadaa’ and those who are still alive. The soldiers who fought the battles while you were sitting at home.

Likewise, do not complain when you are given a gun which you do not like, what did you have yesterday in Dar Al-Kufr? What were you walking around with last month? In Dar Al-Kufr, did you have a brand new Russian AK47? Did you have a Glock? You didn’t even have a rusty old gun, yet here you are complaining like a menstruating woman about the very fine details of your gun!

Learn to be appreciative of what you are given. In the early days in Sham, not everyone had a gun. Not everyone had so many magazines. No one cared whether his gun was Russian or Polish, no one cared whether his bullets were made in Russia or Syria. No one disowned a gun due to the rust or it being damaged. As long as it could shoot, it was gold.

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A Word Of Advice To The Sisters In Sham: Keep The Mujaahideen In Your Du’aas

By Abu Sa’eed Al-Britani (From the video, ‘Message Of A Mujahid”)


Realize, my sisters that there is no man in the State who can dare to say a word of disrespect to you. Your rights are given to you and your honor as a Muslimah is protected. You can walk with safety and respect in town, without anyone commenting on your dress code. Praise Allaah that you came to Sham, the Land of the Khilafah.

But how and where has all this blessing come from? How does the State protect you as a Muslimah? My sisters, you are in a State which now has countless rings of ribat points all around you for your safety and security; brothers who stand guard day and night, protecting the State from any enemy who wishes to enter.

The State was established upon the blood of the Shuhadaa’, brave warriors who fought the enemy and gained much land and ghaneemah in the process. You are living in safety due to their sacrifices, so praise be to Allaah who raises such men who love to die for the establishment of an Islamic society where all its citizens can live in peace and security.

As you sit at home, or visit the souk, your brothers are on the front lines, staying awake during the cold nights, not getting sufficient sleep, standing guard with a watchful eye. These are men who are gave up on the pleasures of the dunya. These are men who beg Allaah for martyrdom. These are men who prefer the hereafter over the passing pleasures of this dunya.

You are living in safety, while they live in fear. You’re eating nice food, while the brothers eat whatever they get. You sleep comfortably while they have their disturbed sleep patterns every night.

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Hijrah Advice For Sisters: Marrying Mujaahideen From Twitter/Fb

By Abu Sa’eed Al-Britani (From the video “Message Of A Mujahid”)

There seems to be a rise in many sisters doing hijrah after having links with people in Sham who are on Twitter. This is good if their links are other sisters. However, many sisters tend to marry brothers they may have interacted with over the net.

Although there may be nothing wrong with marrying a brother who is constantly online, I would just like to say that its best one does not rush into a marriage contract.

I have been in Sham for just over a year now and I have seen many beautiful brothers who are constant on their ibaadah, warriors in front lines, have amazing military minds, generous towards others, humble, funny, etc. yet are unknown on social media.

Marriage is not a small thing, its a major factor in ones life, so I sincerely advise my sisters to not be hasty in choosing a brother.

For example, I personally know of a brother who ran away from the front line when it was only me and him defending a post. I can recall myself shouting at him to come back as he ran away leaving me alone to defend the position. The ironical thing here was that the brother went online the next day and praised how Dawlah managed to defend an onslaught by the enemy, and how people in the west need to “stop being cowards”.

On other occasions, I have noticed how some brothers praise how “we” attacked such and such village, how hard the battle was for “us”, etc. yet they were not there. A form of tadlees (twisting the haqq to get self praise), not a characteristic stemming from humbleness and sincerity.

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A Letter To The Muslim Doctors In The West

By Abu Sa’eed Al-Britani (From the video, “Message Of A Mujahid”)

This is a letter to all the doctors who are living in Dar Al-Kufr Wal-Fasaad.

From the land of Sham, I greet you with the greeting of the Angels; Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatUllaahi wa barakaatuh.

I hope this letter reaches you in the best of health and Iman.

Know, my dear brother, that Allaah has blessed you with knowledge that He has not blessed all mankind with. His favors upon you is that He wrote in the Preserved Tablet for you to gain knowledge and experience in this field. And with every blessing He bestows upon us, we owe it to Him to utilize these favors for His sake and to please Him and do good work for His pleasure, seeking His Face.

As Muslims, we believe in the hereafter and the Day of Judgement, a Day where we will be asked about all the blessings Allaah bestowed upon us and how we used them.

Alhamdulillaah, in this blessed land, the land of Tawheed, the land of the Khilaafah, the land of Jihaad, we strive and struggle with our blood and sweat to establish a land where the Muslims may live in peace and security. Many brothers have attained martyrdom in the process and many are waiting. And from amongst those waiting are those who are crippled and maimed, laying in hospital beds without proper treatment.

When the jihaad in Sham started, many doctors fled the country to live in Turkey or other countries. This caused an insufficient number of remaining doctors to treat the wounded.

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Glimpses At The Lives Of The Shuhadaa’

By Abu Sa’eed Al-Britani (From the video, “Message Of A Mujahid”)

After writing my article titled, “In Memory Of Abu JundUllaah Uzbeki“, I felt that I should also give a glimpse into the lives of other Mujaahideen here in Sham. These souls have gone forward and are now, bi ithnillaah, in the hearts of green birds.

I write these short snippets from the lives of the Shuhadaa’ in hope that I can encourage many through them, and also giving the readers a glimpse of what the jihadi life is like.


Abu Sayf Al-Waahid Al-Britani:

“The brother with the knife”

This was a brother I had met in Raqqa around Muharram 1436. He was from the UK but originally from a Bangladeshi origin. I was first introduced to him by a good friend and brother, Abu Dharr As-Somali. As the weeks went on, I managed to have a strong friendship with this brother.

He was well built and was very skilled in mixed martial arts (MMA). Whenever I used to see him, he always used to carry his knife around with him. He was known to be the one who always takes his knife wherever he goes. Many times when brothers go out for a scroll, we took our guns and ammunition with us, yet this brother casually used to walk around with nothing but a knife!

He was very skilled in his knife attacks and defenses and had a lot of confidence, sometimes so much that we even used to worry for him.

During the period when I was doing Hisbah work in Raqqa, Abu Sayf Al-Waahid used to accompany me and we used to walk the streets together ensuring the Law of Allaah was upheld and no citizen of the State broke any Law. As I had my AK47 over one shoulder and a stick in the other hand, he only had his knife strapped to his waist. Even during our house searches, it was important that we have our guns on us for safety reasons especially if we were going to search a house of a person we believed to be a spy. Yet Abu Sayf Al-Waahid, never once hesitated to go around with nothing but his knife; such confidence and courage.

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